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Welcome to my NYC food blog! Here you will find reviews of various types of cuisines and restaurants in NYC.

              My passion for good food has led me to search for and write about food. I’m a food spy and hungry for good food. And, as many of you know, there is a lot of bad food around. I hate bad food. I consider it a waste of ingredients. Some chefs take nice, fresh flour and water, a dash of salt and pepper, perhaps a piece of good-looking chicken or fish, and throw them into an inedible mess. I hate that! And yet many restaurants NYC do just that, and charge money for it! I’m campaigning to stop that. I want restaurants to cook good food. Don’t you feel betrayed when you go to a restaurant, pay $50 and get bad food? You feel you don’t have any recourse, you feel helpless. Making restaurant reviews is my passion, and I hope my Food Blog will help you be more causative about the food you choose.

                I have a great ability to spy on and evaluate restaurants. This ability developed through years of being a food spy – sort of a food critic, but much more than that. In a way I’m a Sherlock Holmes of the restaurant business. Entering a restaurant I can instantly spot “out-points” (problems). The facial expression of a maitre d, the gesture with which a waiter puts plates on the table, the eyes of a waiter as he takes an order, the state of the bathrooms (very important indicator!), the creases on the staff uniforms.  These and many other details tell the story. And that is all before they even bring the food out.

                Not only I love doing restaurant reviews, but I’m also a food historian and find it fascinating to trace the origins of various food traditions. Did you know that food actually shaped the history of our planet? Revolutions and wars were started for the lack of it, arts and humanities prospered because of it. On my blog, among many things, you will find out how chopsticks were invented, where to get an edible birds nest that makes women look younger by ten years, what are passion foods and how can they affect relationships, and why a bagel has a hole.

                 In my stories you will find many amusing facts that I’m sure you never knew before, and I hope you will simply be entertained. So scroll down and enjoy reading my Food Blog! And don’t forget to make a good choice next time you visit Restarurants NYC!

-Hungry Spy

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